Why Invest in a Shade Sail? Discover the Many Benefits!

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After the lockdown caused by the spread of Covid-19, many people felt a pressing need to spend much more time outdoors than they did before. Some have taken up gardening, while others have simply waited for warmer weather to arrive so they can relax in the open air. It has been scientifically proven that spending time in nature and in the sunshine improves our mood and quality of life.

In 2020, the number of people who regularly take care of their plants has even increased, which shows how important nature is to the human being. However, if we think about the garden of a house or the terrace of a café, we realise that open space is not only made up of sun, but also of shade. It sometimes happens, especially in summer, that the sun’s rays are too strong or, on the contrary, that a sudden downpour breaks out.

In fact, it only takes a moment’s thought to realise that the weather rarely presents ideal conditions. So what could be the solution? Certainly none of us would like to give up enjoying our outdoor space for so long every year. In order to prevent this from happening, there is only one thing to do: buy one of the Maanta outdoor shade sails.

Why invest in a shade sail? discover the many benefits!
Why invest in a shade sail? discover the many benefits!


Buying the perfect shade sail for your garden or terrace can turn out to be quite expensive. Indeed, no one can deny the fact that some of the models can be expensive. So, why should a person decide to buy one? Here are some of the many benefits of having a high-quality shade sail:

1.There are a lot of models and colours, so the shade sail will become a real piece of furniture for a home and will help give personality to the room.

  1. It does not have to be a fixed structure, as there are models that can be easily removed after use. Therefore, it is a purchase that does not restrict the customer in any way.
  2. It offers shelter from the sun and rain, so people using it do not risk burning themselves in good weather or falling ill otherwise.
  3. It can be adapted to any type of environment. In fact, if the space available is of a particular size or shape, it can always be customised with accessories, such as poles or hooks.
Why invest in a shade sail? discover the many benefits!
Why invest in a shade sail? discover the many benefits!


There are mainly two types of shade sails, which are offered in various models on the official Maanta website: waterproof and shade sails.

The first group includes all those products that are made of a fabric that resists not only the sun, but also the rain. Moreover, it is very difficult for them to tear or be damaged by mould.

In the second group, however, the materials are only suitable for protection from the sun and help to create a shady and ventilated environment.

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