Try these ten space-saving hacks to Save Kitchen Space

HomeDecorationTry these ten space-saving hacks to Save Kitchen Space

Just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t use it wisely. We understand that limited space can cause quite a bit of mayhem. You have limited space to prepare your favorite meal, walk around the kitchen when there are two people, and well even limited space to eat. While you may feel tempted to overload the countertops with a lot of items, for example, containers, and basket, this can impact the overall look of your space constraint kitchen.

Let’s not waste any more of your time and get straight into the business of 10 super saving tips to use the space of your tiny kitchen wisely. Whether you are looking for hidden organizers or vertical storage, our tips will let you keep everything in the kitchen in an organized way without making it look messy! Read on.

Vertical storage with a chalkboard wall

small kitchen idea
Vertical pegboard and a chalkboard wall

You know you have a small space in the kitchen, so make use of it carefully. Let’s turn your everyday kitchen into a smart one. Install a vertical pegboard and start hanging pots and pans vertically. Also, you can paint a small portion of the wall to give it chalkboard look and write down all the items that you need to purchase. This way, you will never forget to buy things which you are running out of stock. Neither will you buy extras to over clutter your refrigerator.

A stylish magnetic knife rack

Magnetic knife shelf
DIY magnetic kitchen knife shelf

Sometimes, even knives can make your small kitchen look unorganized. Don’t take any chance. Buy a magnetic knife rack and hand it on the kitchen wall. This product is available online, or if you wish to get a piece of wood from the backyard, buy a magnetic strip and build your own magnetic knife rack. Simple and easy!

Sliding wall basket to keep everything in place

Sliding wall basket
A sliding wall basket for small kitchen

Here’s what you can do to keep the containers full of spices. Don’t keep them on the countertop; use that space to store something else. Simply get a sliding wall basket, or you can also buy a caddie to keep all the containers in one place. This way, you will always have access to your items, and you set the countertop free as well.

Canned food organizer for the small kitchen

Sliding shelf
A slim sliding shelf to hide all the containers

You can let your imagination run wild with this tip. Since you are already running out of space and there are a lot of things to store, build a hiding shelf and install right in between the edges of the refrigerator near the door of the kitchen. Take a look at the image; you will understand what we mean. This will let you keep all the canned food items, as well as spices neatly.

Have a cup of tea at the window bar table

window bar table
Install a window bar table in the kitchen

For a small kitchen that can’t compromise its space for a large dining table, this window bar table is just the right choice. This will hardly consume any space, and the teeny-tiny window bar table looks super adorable. Make a nice cup of coffee, grab a book, sit, and relax.

Keep the trash bags under the sink

trash bags
Install curtain holders under the sink to keep the trash bags

Even if you have a small kitchen, you will see some spaces which are lying just like that. Take a look at the sink. It will have some space underneath. If you haven’t used it so far, then use it now. Mount curtain rods from one corner to another right under the sink, and hand all the trash bags there. Take them out easily whenever you need them.

The power of the hidden cabinet organizer

hidden cabinet organizer
Hang important papers, keys, and more in the hidden cabinet organizer

Its’ time to set your dear refrigerator free from the chaos. Create a custom organizer not anywhere else but inside the cabinet door. We know you have a lot of essential pieces of papers, some keys, photos, and more. Be creative and use magnets or colorful hooks to hold everything in one place. Now, you will never forget about the pending bills or the keys to your car. Smart, right!

For the love of wine, create a DIY wine rack

DIY wine rack
Beautiful wine rack- Do it yourself!

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive wine racks, then this is what you have got to do. Make your own! Create a vertical small wall wine rack and store all the bottles in one place. Let this be your very own wine collectible space. Put them on display with proud and let people appreciate your creativity.

Well, thank us later!

Simple and elegant rolling kitchen carts

Rolling kitchen cart
Use the kitchen space properly, get a rolling kitchen cart

If you feel that the kitchen countertops are overloaded, then make use of the tiny space near the wall. Make your space with rolling kitchen carts. Add some wheels so that you can move the carts once its work is done. Use it to chop the vegetables for supper.

Attach those jars to the shelves

attached jars
Attach containers and jars to the shelves to free up some space

We have saved the last best tip for the last. When it comes to looking for additional storage space, the containers that you have in the kitchen can sometimes consume a lot of space. Here’s what you need to do. Attach the jar lids right under the cabinet shelves. Use the items when needed and stick them to their respective leads once done.

Try these fantastic and smart tips and see how you manage your kitchen space efficiently.

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