The Top 6 Tips for Quitting Smoking

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Quitting smoking is always harder than you think it will be. Your body depends on the nicotine fix and screams when it doesn’t get what it wants. I’m not sugar coating it. So, since you have decided to accept the challenge to quit smoking, here are 6 top quit smoking tips from around the internet.

quitting smoking
Bid goodbye to cigarettes: 6 top tips to help you quit.

Weigh the Positives When Quitting Smoking

Before you quit, create a list of positive reasons you’re quitting smoking. They will vary depending on your own lifestyle and priorities. They could include:

  • feel better
  • breathe easier
  • for the kids
  • to save money

As you battle through the first stages of withdrawal, keep this list as a handy reminder of why you’re going through with the commitment to quit.

Find Healthy Snacks

Many people experience weight gain upon smoking cessation due to the desire to put their hand to their mouth. Find low calorie options. Apples, carrot sticks, and unsalted nuts will satisfy this urge without packing on the pounds.

quitting smoking
Stock up on nuts for a healthy snack as you quit smoking.

Patch It Up

Try a nicotine patch for the first few weeks that you are quitting. You will break the physical habits of lighting up while still having low doses of nicotine. This takes a little bit of the edge off for you.

Find Moral Support

Find other people who will support your efforts at quitting. Former smokers understand the battle of nicotine addiction and will understand your mood swings. Forge bonds with new friends who are non-smokers to resist the temptation offered up by your smoking friends.

quitting smoking
Supportive friends are a plus when you first quit smoking.

Set A Goal Date

Set yourself a goal date. Commit to quit by that date. It gives you a visual reference as you can check each day off of the calendar, one day at a time.

quitting smoking
Commit to quit by a certain date to hold yourself accountable

Take up a New Hobby

When you quit smoking, you will find that you have more time on your hands. Time that you formerly spent on cigarettes. Take up a new hobby to fill the void and give your mind a focus.

Congratulations on your efforts to quit! You’re on the road to a healthier smoke-free lifestyle.

quitting smoking
Learn the top 6 tips for quitting smoking.



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