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Summer Thornton is an American interior designer based in Chicago.  Her fresh, colorful and bold interiors are timeless and packed with personality.  She fearlessly subscribes to the “more is more” theory of design, infusing her client’s homes with life.  Here we explore some of the beautiful interiors designed by Ms. Thornton.  (All photos from Summer Thornton Design).


Bold and beautiful with unusual color combinations describe Summer Thornton‘s design aesthetic on the surface only.  Underneath her genius use of color is a story to be told that is tailored to each client.  Ms. Thornton immerses herself in each project, creating a story which drives the design.

Color and style infuse this Summer Thornton interior (Summer Thornton Design)
Color and style infuse this interior 

Ms. Thornton likes using color to its best advantage and is a master at mixing.  She likes using colors that people either love or hate and plenty others in between.  She believes that colors used the correct way stand out and make a statement.

Mixing patterns makes this room come alive (Summer Thornton Design)
Mixing patterns makes this room come alive
Shades of green (Summer Thornton Design)
Shades of green

Summer Thornton is inspired by film, art, fashion and nature.  If you examine her spaces, you can see where all of these elements come together.

A perfect mix of pattern and color (Summer Thornton Design)
A perfect mix of pattern and color

This room exudes modern glamour and sophisticated elegance with a touch of color whimsy.  Bold color walls and a glossy ceiling embrace a lively room with plenty of personality.

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At just 26, Ms. Thornton quit her job as an interior design assistant and opened her own firm.  She has designed projects nationwide and has been featured in multiple trade publications.  Since she was a teenager, Summer Thornton has read over 500 design books and trade magazines, sparking her desire to design.

Pattern shines in this light-filled space (Summer Thornton Design)
Pattern shines in this light-filled space
Lake Forest Show House (Summer Thornton Design)
Lake Forest Show House

Summer Thornton likes to create spaces for the client that change the way they feel upon entering the room.  She uses trends in small quantities and prefers to use pieces that are time-honored and lasting.  Often, Ms. Thornton will mix old and new in her interiors.

Comfortably colorful (Summer Thornton Design)
Comfortably colorful
Elegance and grace (Summer Thornton Design)
Elegance and grace

You can feel the story, the energy and the mood in Summer Thornton’s designs.  Her rooms feel alive and embrace an esthetic that is true to each client’s individual tastes.

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A pop of blue (Summer Thornton Design)
A pop of blue

The colors used in Ms. Thornton’s rooms are vibrant and inviting, even when used at a minimum.  Small splashes of unexpected color or rooms full of vibrancy often appear in her designs.

A mix of wood tones (Summer Thornton Design)
A mix of wood tones
Modern elegance (Summer Thornton Design)
Modern elegance

These rooms are cool and sophisticated with an understated elegance.  Modern and classic pieces meld together with stylish panache.

Modern elegance (Summer Thornton Design)
Modern elegance
Dining in luxury (Summer Thornton Design)
Dining in luxury

Rooms are transformed to become warm and inviting with the use of color and comfortable furnishings.

Caramel warmth (Summer Thornton Design)
Caramel warmth
Perfect color combo (Summer Thornton Design)
Perfect color combo

In this bedroom and kitchen, Summer Thornton combines elements of British Colonial with a fresh and modern aesthetic.

Relaxing and elegant bedroom (Summer Thornton Design)
Relaxing and elegant bedroom
Summer Thornton Design
Summer Thornton Design

The spaces that Interior designer Summer Thornton creates are bold, beautiful and tell a story that is timeless.  She is a designer that transcends any one niche, regaling her clients with visual stories that are full of character.

A most welcoming space (Summer Thornton Design)
A most welcoming space


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