The Best Way To Fill An Empty Wall In The Living Room

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An empty wall in the room looks so incomplete. However, filling an empty room can be quite a work for some. But this isn’t the case. There are some simple ideas which will help you cover your walls effortlessly. You don’t need to buy expensive items, a simple art piece or a custom bookcase can help you fill the wall and make the entire living room look complete. Here are some of the best ways to fill an empty wall.

A beautiful bookcase for your living room

Beautiful bookcase for the living room
Minimalistic living room idea with a bookcase

No, we are not asking you to set up a library in the living room. We are talking about an attractive bookshelf. No matter how small your living room is, it will have a space to adjust the perfect bookcase. You can custom make a mini bookcase. Use it to cover any abandoned wall. Bookcase solves the empty wall issue, and you use the unused space as well. You can try any material for the bookshelf.

A modern fireplace for the empty wall

A modern fireplace for the empty wall
Enhance the look of your living room with a fireplace

If you want to add some personality to the living room, try installing a fireplace. Keep yourself warm during the winters and enhance the look of your living room instantly. Measure your living room. And then decide whether you need a wood-burning fireplace or an electrical one. The ultimate agenda to add fireplace is to improve the look.

Cover your walls with beautiful photo frames

Photo frames for the empty wall
Photo frames are perfect for a blank wall

Everyone has photo frames. So, how about covering your wall with beautiful photos of your family. Buy frames which will complement the wall colors. The living room is the perfect place to display your family picture. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the gap between each photo frame, dimension, and how to use them.

Brick wall for the timeless appeal

Visible brick wall
The visible brick center wall

All you got to do is keep the center wall exposed to bricks. Brick walls have a timeless appeal to it. Make sure to plaster the rest of the walls though and expose only the center wall. You can leave it as it is because this look is enough to bring in the perfect classy and contemporary feel. The brick wall idea is suitable for homes with a spacious and larger living room.

An oversized wall clock

Oversize wall clock
Cover your empty wall with an over-sized wall clock

How about purchasing a beautiful oversize wall clock for the empty wall? You need one oversize wall clock, and that will be enough. The best part about this idea is, this will tell you the time and will make a striking appearance too. A big wall clock design is available in many different styles. However, the best pick is always the round one with a minimalistic design.

Floating shelves for the empty wall

floating shelves
Use your empty wall as a canvas and hand a few hanging shelves

You have already purchased the best furniture for the living room. Now, it is time to think about some elegant floating shelves. Don’t purchase covered floating shelves though. Let them be exposed. Decorate the shelve just like you would decorate any other spot. You can keep photo frames, books, decorative items, and more. Whatever comes in your mind, you can keep it here. Just go creative.

A decorative hanging rug

Decorating hanging rug
Hang a beautiful rug on an empty wall to beautify your living room

If you have a pleasant rug with a lot of bright colors, hang it on the empty wall. Rugs usually have a lot of bright colors, and that is perfect for the living room. Instead of putting it on the floor, use it as a wall hanging the piece. You can place it behind the sofa set or any wall which you think needs a covering. This wall-filler is genuinely the best for any home.

An oversized art

over-sized art for the wall
Don’t be afraid to hang an over-sized wall art

Just like the oversized clock, you can try hanging an oversized art as well. Rather than creating a collage, try one piece, but a big one. Gallery walls are the best for an oversized art piece. It can be any piece. You can hang your family portrait or a wall painting. An oversized wall art becomes the center of attention of the living room in no time.

Printed photos without the frames

Printed photos
Let the printed photos cover the empty walls

Here’s another idea for the empty wall of the living room. Instead of photo frames, take print outs of as many pictures as you can. Be a little creative and plan out a design. Paste them carefully on an empty wall. Make the design-friendly. It shouldn’t look out of proportion. You can spell a word or let your imagination go wild. You can try any design. The thumb rule is, it should complement the overall look of the living room.

Create a statement

 A Statement art piece
Take a hint from this statement art piece, and decorate the empty wall

If you want to go beyond an oversized wall clock and a painting, then macramé hangings or industrial installation are your best bets. Add texture and let the empty wall have some depth. Statement decorative piece is always eye-catchy. There are a plethora of options to choose from. Choose something unique and create a one-of-a-kind look.

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