Small Home Office Decorating Ideas: Construction & Design Ideas for Any Space

HomeOfficeSmall Home Office Decorating Ideas: Construction & Design Ideas for Any Space

Space constraints can threaten to shatter your dreams of creating a custom home office. But in design, nothing is written in stone. And whether your thoughts come to reality depends on how creative you use your space and explore the weirdest of home office decorating ideas.

Luckily an office can fit anywhere in your home. It is up to choose whether to build it in your kitchen, living room, dining room, corridor, under the stairs, or on the balcony.

Small Home Office Decorating Ideas: Where and How to Build Your Office

There are many ways to squeeze an office into your home’s design and create a functional space where you can work from home. Let’s check out a few:

1. Arrange an empty closet

Of course, no weirder place to begin a small home office ideas list than an empty closet. But before you judge or try something you’ll regret, see for yourself how other homeowners executed their closet office strategies.

Small home office decorating ideas: construction & design ideas for any space
Small home office decorating ideas: construction & design ideas for any space – Arrange an empty closet

After all, isn’t your bedroom the quietest place in your home? Plus, this idea is a cost-saver because the closet is already split into sections that you can use as cabinets.

Just a little carpentry work, plenty of lighting, a comfortable office chair, and that’s it! You’ve got yourself a working space!

2. Use a ladder desk

A ladder desk is a creative way to define a working space at home. You can do this in two ways:

  • Build a stand-alone ladder desk complete with a tabletop and shelves, or
  • Extend a ladder from your wall, and make it a permanent part of your home design.
Use a ladder desk
Use a ladder desk

No matter the approach, ladders are an easy way to mark a workspace. Beyond functionality, they add aesthetics to your interior. Ladders also create plenty of storage space, making your office an independent workstation.

When implementing, don’t be afraid to try other materials such as metal or concrete ladder if your theme demands.

3. Go under the stairs

‘Below the stairs’ doesn’t seem like the coziest place to turn into an office, but creativity and design can change your thoughts.

under the stairs home office
under the stairs home office

This part of the house receives less attention and is often left unused. So how about you gear up for a renovation project and see what you get?

Because this space is often dark and deserted, you can brighten it up with lively colors and install plenty of lighting, or just add a statement lamp.

Beyond improving the looks, such adjustments will boost your morale every time you slide underneath to take on tasks.

4. Work from your balcony

If an outdoor workspace is your thing and you have a balcony, then this is one of the best home office decoration ideas to consider

A balcony offers a serene working environment as long you don’t have a disturbing or noisy neighborhood.

balcony home office
balcony home office

If possible, add a painted board to mark your workspace and block any excess winds. Or just a windowpane if you’d love to enjoy the outdoor scenery while at work.

Also, you can decorate with plants to add life to the space.

5. Use your kitchen bar/island.

Maybe you used up all your space building other things like a kitchen bar, and now you need a home office.

Well then, maybe you didn’t use up all the space because your kitchen peninsula or bar can multitask as a make-shift office. Or you can make it permanent by sticking out a ledge from one end of the peninsula/island to form a tabletop.

kitchen bar island home office
kitchen bar island home office

However, be strategic when making such changes; you don’t want to squeeze up the cooking area or obstruct the kitchen triangle.

6. Build an office in front of a window

Windows gives access to the outdoors and since we hardly place anything in front of them, turning it into a work zone isn’t such a bad idea.

office in front of a window
office in front of a window

You can add a stand-alone office desk and a chair or extend a piece of wood beneath the window frame to create a tabletop.

If you like, throw a rug under your workstation to make it cozier and more appealing to the eye.

7. Build a home office cubicle

Cubicles offer privacy and are a strategic addition for those adding office spaces in a crowded and noisy home. Feel free to explore the many home office cubicle ideas to discover myriad ways and materials you can use for your project.

Small home office decorating ideas: construction & design ideas for any space

Your home cubicle mustn’t be large. You can build one as long as you have allocated a small space to fit a desk and chair.

Final Words on Small Home Office Decoration Ideas

Remember, personal taste affects the outcome of a home office project. Many times, it’s a matter of design and location preferences. To create a custom at-home workspace, you can go DIY or work with a creative expert to achieve the desired look.


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