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Scandinavian-inspired bedrooms are among some of the most relaxing spaces you can find. Minimal clutter, luxurious blankets, bits of nature and lots of light make them nearly impossible to leave. With the decorating style that is light and airy, simple and clean, it is no wonder that Scandinavian style is so popular all over the world.

This post features bright Scandinavian-inspired bedrooms filled with multiple design ideas you can implement at your home. Each one is designed to make the most of early morning sun and to boost the vibrant energy to get your body moving.

Scandinavian-inspired bedroom: White and Bright

The most common color scheme in Scandinavian bedrooms is white and light tones of grey. The white keeps the space feeling bright and the gray gives it a soft and slightly contrasting tone.

Scandinavian-inspired bedroom idea
Typically Scandinavian design scheme.

As mentioned above, the addition of large and spacious windows make this bedroom a typical Scandinavian design scheme.

Minimal wall decor
The minimal wall decor and accessories contribute to simplicity and elegance.

Another white and bright Scandinavian-inspired bedroom. Only this time the use of plants and simple wall art open up the room in a different way.

Scandinavian-inspired bedroom idea
This spacious bedroom is charming and modern at the same time.

The pure white look is enhanced by black accents on the wall. The unusual rug brings a touch of modernism to this classically inspired bedroom.

Unique colors for Scandinavian bedroom
The application of purple and blue is quite unique.

Carefully chosen color accents bring to life this white Scandinavian-inspired room. Purple and blue aren’t the most color themes for Scandinavian decor, but this combination is fun and lively.

Exposed brick wall
The exposed brick sets the immediate and focal point theme.

Moreover, a distressed white brick and light wood give this Scandinavian bedroom a chic and urban style.

Soft wood
Soft touch of a wood make this room a peaceful place.

Light and nude wood help this bedroom achieve a natural aesthetic and inspirational atmosphere.

Scandinavian-inspired bedroom idea
Strong natural themes give this bedroom a classic and airy appeal.

The leaning wall with the window in the middle brings the new dimension to the single color.

Scandinavian-inspired bedroom: Rich and Deep

On the other hand, Scandinavian bedrooms can also feature all dark walls, a dark feature wall, or richly colored textiles. All this give the room a cozy feel and add a sense of depth to the space.

Modernist design for Scandinavian-inspired bedroom
This room combines the best of modernist design for perfect Scandinavian-inspired bedroom.

This dark gray wall provides an excellent contrast of the color spectrum. Also, the colorful geometrical rug adds a touch of drama to it.

Light blue accent wall
Light blue accent wall boosts this room.

As you can see, this room doesn’t look big but this fantastic blue accent wall increases the look of a space. Additionally, it provides a perfect backdrop for the wooden side tables.

Scandinavian-inspired bedroom ideas
Typography and geometric patterns bring this room up to date.

Exposed brick wall sets the immediate theme in this room. The perfect mix between chic Scandinavian decor and industrial-inspired design.

Rustic style bedroom
Rustic and urbanistic style balanced by classical wall art.

Likewise, rustic wood is a common accent in the Scandinavian bedroom. Here, you can notice the white rustic floor pared with the wooden bench as a night stand.

Appropriate Accessories

If you haven’t noticed, Scandinavian decor is usually made of pieces that are both functional and nice to look at. Every piece is carefully selected to make sure that it serves more than just looking nice.

The addition of art is an exception to the functional rule. Black and white prints and photos in simple frames let the art stand on its own. Also, leaving a picture on the floor is another common way to decorate Scandinavian bedrooms.

Accessory for the Scandinavian-inspired bedroom
Expensive white walls require a few smart accents to create the right atmosphere.

This eye-pleasing design style of Scandinavian interior is elegant and simple. An effortless aesthetic and a relaxing atmosphere is achieved with this bright blue wall art.

Small bedroom
Small and tiny, but filled with personality.

Moreover, this small and tiny bedroom looks bigger then it actually is because of the appropriate accessory. It is decorated with simple and elegant wall art to warm up and create inviting atmosphere.

Playful Scandinavian bedroom
Soft blue and powerful orange make this room stand out from the crowd.

Don’t be afraid to add your own personality by combining this style with a twist – such as mixing the colors. This style and wall decor is playful and fun.

Interesting wall decor
Interesting and chic accessories.

Additionally, mysterious body-shaped prints make this traditionally decorated bedroom feel a little warmer and cozier. A mid century-inspired bed centers the arrangement with a bold rustic style.

Wall art
Here’s some romantic typographical wall art to use in Scandinavian-inspired bedroom decor.

Incorporation of diversity of styles, from industrial to rustic, make this Scandinavian-inspired bedroom different. Plus, romantic typographical writings on the wall bring a touch of modernism and relatably chic appeal.

So, To help you create your own Scandinavian- inspired bedroom, we have shared some of our brilliant ideas. These dazzling Scandinavian-inspired bedrooms are sure to bring back that early morning vigor.

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