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If you want to sleep well, look at our tips to orient bedroom and win peace!

Bedroom with exit to the garden. Sleeping and studying?

Sleeping And Studying?

If in your bedroom you have no other option than to install a study area. Remember to ventilate the room properly so you can sleep better.

Detail of bedside table. Sleeping without waves

Sleeping Without Waves

When going to sleep, make sure that you do not have any electronic device nearby. Also, ensure that there is less connectivity to the electricity.

Bedroom with bench and armchair in beige. Darkness, your ally

Darkness, Your Ally

It is important that the bedroom has good curtains and blinds to keep the light out. Darkness is necessary to sleep better.

Traditionally, the north orientation is considered the most suitable for sleeping and in this case, popular knowledge is right. If we look at wild animals, most of them look in that direction when they want to rest.

The reasons are related to the magnetic orientation of the earth and the polarization of our cells.

The earth is a huge magnet with two poles, north, and south, that generate a magnetic field. From it are derived the lines of force that come out of the south pole (geographic) and enter the north pole, closing to the south by the interior of the earth, forming a loop.

Sleep With Our Heads Towards The North

For What Biological Reason Should We Sleep With Our Heads Towards The North?

Our cells are composed of electrons, with their respective positive and negative charges. When we sleep aligned with the north, we facilitate rest because in that direction we do not interfere with the natural flow of the earth, which goes south-north. A good rest guarantees adequate cellular regeneration, health and vitality.

When we talk about orienting the bed to the north, it means that the head of the bed is oriented in that direction, so that when we lie down, the crown of the bed is in the north and the feet in the south.

North Direction to Sleep

However, it is as important to sleep oriented to the north as to sleep “comfortable”, that is, if we have to change the location of the bed and position it in a place that is uncomfortable because it messes up the natural structure of the room, probably this annoyance will not let us rest well either.

Therefore, there will be people for whom the main thing is to sleep towards the north and, on the other hand, other people will give more importance to the visual and practical effect of the arrangement of the furniture (not having their backs to the door or the window, leaving a space wide for opening the cabinets …).

healthy direction to sleep


Each one has to decide what is important for yourself knowing the pros and cons of the two alternatives. However, there are general tips valid for everyone that surely allow you to sleep better.

simple bedroom

The ideal bedroom is the simplest

Since its function is to allow rest. It must be a quiet and still place, where stimuli are minimized. Therefore, it is preferable that the study or work area is not in the bedroom. In the event that it is and it is not feasible to find another place.

simple bedroom

It should be well ventilated when changing activity -when we stop working and going to sleep- so that the place does not feel heavy and our body understands that we went from active intellectual activity to a resting phase.

Limit Electrical Frequency in The Bedroom


Limit electrical pollution

There should not be any electrical appliance plugged in even if it is switched off (electric alarm clocks, lamps with transformers, computers, even televisions …). As the radiation increases with distance, the worst place to have them is on the bedside table.

Wi-Fi routers, mobile, and wireless phones deserve a special mention, which should not only be located outside the room but should also be disconnected since their radiation field is very wide.

what to do to sleep well

What Can We Do To Sleep Well?

To guarantee a good rest it is essential that there is darkness so that the body can secrete melatonin, the sleep-regulating hormone. Its production is inhibited by light and stimulated by darkness.

Therefore it is directly related to the amount of light that the retina receives. It is important to close the blinds well and get used to sleeping without light. It will also be positive to accustom children to sleep in the dark.

limit noise in the bedroom

Noises should be limited

In general, we should become more silent, considering the needs of our own and our neighbors’ rest. Constructive measures can also be adapted, such as the revision of the sealing of windows and balconies, the construction of double walls or the combined use of insulating and absorbent materials.

By definition, the rest period must be accompanied by the absence of external stimuli and, if possible, north orientation.

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