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Kids’ rooms, too, deserve focus. Just because it’s the kid’s room doesn’t mean your loved one shouldn’t enjoy the warmth of soft furnishings and beautiful accessories.

Indeed, accessorizing the kid’s room is considered one of the best ways to boost the young one’s self-confidence. If they’re proud of their room, they’ll be excited to talk about it with their friends – which is critical for their psychological development.

Unfortunately, decorating your child’s room can be slightly more difficult than the rest of the house, often because the two of you will likely have different ideas of what the room should look like.

Whereas the little one wants everything, you may want a more practical décor that’s both safe and helpful to their development. The kid is also likely to focus more on the present, while savvy parents usually try to create a room that can serve the little one for an extended period without much redecoration.

If you’re decorating your little one’s room and feel a little confused about where to begin, the following are five must-have kids’ room accessories to get you started.

What are the Must Have Kids Room Accessories?

1. A proper desk 

Must have kids room accessories 
Must have kids room accessories – desk

No kid’s room is complete without a desk. However, it shouldn’t just be any desk. Children deserve a high-quality desk that’s both practical and attractive. Although they won’t have much homework for the first few years, the desk is still critical to their drawings and other hobbies. Otherwise, you’re asking your kid to drawn from the bed or the floor.

Moreover, you’re not just buying a desk to serve them for a year or two. A proper kids’ room desk can last more than a decade, meaning it would serve the kid for most of their young lives. It will also help them develop good study habits. Associating their work with the table alone vastly increases attitudes in class.

2. Multi-purpose shelves

Must have kids room accessories 
Must have kids room accessories – shelves

Being organized is key to keeping rooms tidy and clean. This applies to kids’ rooms too. Without sufficient storage space, you may have everything on the floor or the bed. One way to solve this problem is to install multi-purpose shelves in the kid’s room. It doesn’t matter the kind of organizational system in the room, just make sure you have enough shelves to tuck away whatever they aren’t using.

The good news is that you have endless options here. You can opt for shelves with storage bins or even choose ones with chubby holes. Once you’re brought in the shelves, teach the kid to put their books in the different compartments according to purpose.

3. A chalkboard 

Must have kids room accessories 
Must have kids room accessories – chalkboard wall

The kid’s room could also do with a chalkboard or a whiteboard. It will allow you to teach the little one. Although you can also do that without a board, chalkboards and whiteboards create the atmosphere of a classroom environment. This can be instrumental in building interest in the child. You can also allow them to solve questions on the board to help them develop classroom participation skills.

If you can’t readily find a chalkboard, create one using chalkboard paint. You can then freshen it up periodically by applying a fresh coat of paint. Don’t forget to talk to them about it. You can even have them help select the best chalkboard and agree that they’ll wipe the board on certain occasions.

4. Bean bags 

kids room bean bag
kids room bean bag

Obviously, you need various pieces of furniture in your kid’s room. A table and chair are considered must-haves. Unfortunately, chairs are rarely enough. While that plastic or wooden chair can be vital when they’re studying on the table, you need a different form of “seat” to allow them to play around without harming themselves.

This is where bean bags come in handy. Bean bags allow the kit to sit pretty much anywhere within the room. They can even pull it to a corner to read a storybook or relax. Additionally, bean bags make excellent seats whenever the young one’s friends come by.

5. Unique curtains 

kids room curtains
kids room curtains

You’re probably wondering why we have curtains on this list, given that no one would forget about them. The reason is that curtains in the kid’s room can serve multiple purposes. Although the curtain typically blocks put sunlight, you can also use curtains in the kid’s room to decorate the area while inspiring the little one.

Therefore, don’t go for the regular curtain. Find one that brings in plenty of sunlight during the day while adding color and spark to the room throughout.


Other kid’s room accessories to consider are a rocking chair to facilitate relaxation and an artboard where they can display their drawings. Framed paintings and tatty wallpapers can also improve livability in the room without burning a hole in your pocket.

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