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Wood has always been present in our homes, in elements of the house structure like beams, roofs, and walls to the most diverse furniture and objects of decoration. So it can be considered one of the most popular materials. Because it is a timeless and versatile material due to its different types, the wood can be seen in the most varied decoration styles and in the most diverse applications. Know here the best and most used types of wood for furniture and roofing in your home.

Each type of wood has a different feature, which makes them better for different types of uses.

Wooden furniture

When we talk about interior decoration, furniture and wood details are the perfect allies to give elegance and sophistication to the environment. Its use in decoration goes far beyond the rustic style.

The style of your décor can be change completely depending on the type and color of the wood chosen for your furniture, doors or even ceilings and beams. Therefore, knowing the differences and characteristics of the main types of wood is a key task before you start designing your home decor.


With a more reddish and dark hue, mahogany wood is one of the best types of this material, so it is more noble and sophisticated. In addition, it is a type of wood that has excellent resistance when we talk about pests such as fungi or termites. Because it is a wood of higher quality, its price is higher than the other types and is usually used for the manufacturing of furniture of a high standard.


One of the types of wood most used to make furniture. It can be found in two colors: white and red. In the photo above, the dining room with an oval table topped with oak. The tone of the wood is the great highlight of this environment.

Cherry tree

With colors ranging from reddish-brown to light brown, the trendy cherry wood is quite common for the manufacture of furniture.

Peroba Rosa

The pink peroba is one of the leading demolition timbers since it is usually removed from old houses. In the photo above, the wooden demolition buffet (pink peroba) with stick-shaped feet and beaded doors.


It is one of the cheaper types of wood and has a more rustic aesthetic. Thus, people commonly use it in furniture for the interior of homes. It stands out for its marked growth rings.



Ipe is a type of wood that is also more resistant to fungi and termites, so it can be a great choice for wood furniture for outdoor areas.


It is a type of wood resistant to water and also to insects. As such, it is a good alternative also for looking for wood furniture for outdoor areas. It is important to remember that the application of sealants and varnishes helps in the preservation and durability of the wood pieces.

Demolition timber

This type of wood is the reuse of the wood of pieces, old furniture or reused building elements. It is important to remember that, instead of reusing parts, all demolition wood goes through treatments before they are put back on the market.

Dark wood

When thinking about choosing dark wood types for your environment, it’s important to consider the available background space. As with other decorative elements, dark wood furniture can give us the feeling that the environment is less than it really is. So if you have a small setting, choose types of woods with light shades.


There are many options for using timber for furniture or structures. There are timber frame kits on the market that let you build a beautiful gazebo out of timber that is sure to last and become a beautiful addition to your back yard.

House with a walkway and wooden furniture matching with white and blue décor

You have a wider environment; you can choose dark wood furniture, always remembering to balance the colors of the floor, walls, and other furniture.

The dark woods most used for furniture are Imbuia, Ipe, walnut, jacaranda, among others.

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