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The importance of a bathroom in a home cannot be denied. You wake up every morning, use your bathroom, take a shower, brush your teeth, make shave and then, leave your house with a sense that you are finally ready to take on the day. At night you do the same and go to bed.

The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most significant place in your house. It affects the overall judgement of your friends and relatives about your house because at some point they are likely to visit it. You often get some creative ideas during the shower. You cannot run from this until you accept that if we remove a bathroom from your equation of life. Things may start to fall apart or you will lose your senses. It is time to renovate or design a new bathroom that will increase the overall appeal of your lovely house.

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After delivering the importance of a bathroom to the audience, we move on to its designing. Some serious work and robust planning go into play when we talk about designing something. You have to make a mind-set about how you want that specific place to look. You have to use your imagination, and the same goes for designing a bathroom. It can be anything you want it to be.

But you have to consider certain vital guidelines when planning to design a bathroom. Your bathroom should be a comfortable space and stylish as well. The area you have, layout designing, attention to the detail, accessories/features you need and the overall system you want to be installed in your bathroom, these are the factors which should be dealt with when designing your bathroom.

How to Make a Bathroom Cozy

  1. Focus on Layout

You need to determine the space which you have and plan accordingly. What you should be doing here is managing all the items and accessories of your bathroom according to the space you have. A bathroom comprises two types of zones.

  1. Wet zone
  2. Dry zone

Wet zone is where you have to use water excessively and which is going to be damp probably all the time. Like your sink, toilet and shower. You can choose to have all of these in one corner, or against the wall of your bathroom, which is the most cost-effective strategy. In this way, the wet zone gets separated from the dry area. You would not have to deal with the mess all the time.

Dry zone refers to the area where a little or no water is used. Like your dressing mirror where you comb or shave. The windows and exhaust system also fall in dry zones. You can use the drying mat to control the water, so it does not go into the dry zone. You should use spacing to separate both the zones, so you would not have to walk on the wet spots.

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  1. Lighting Plan

You should have a critical lightning plan for your bathroom. Because light is the most crucial factor in all the grooming and thorough cleanliness of yourself. Your mirror should have the right amount of light to reveal the most exquisite details on your face accurately. Two lights at each end of the mirror and one on the top of it is advised. Moreover, the general lightening of your bathroom and the number of switches to power many grooming devices like the brush, hair dryer or straightener should also be worked out by a professional technician.

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  1. Bathtub and Toilet

These provide the accomplishment of your most basic needs. Bathtubs are the focal point of your bathroom and generally add to the beauty and actualization of your efforts in designing the whole place. Usually, the bathtubs come with a solid surface made up of marble or limestone, while the sides are empty and could be personalised according to your décor of the bathroom. You can add panelled wood or plastered stone or even silica at the sides. Which gives a new definition to your commitment in planning this place. Moreover, some people prefer showers for bathing if you choose showers over bathtubs then make sure they have various spray heads and enough space for   its uninterrupted operation.

You should be well aware with your toilet needs and may not compromise with your ease and comfort. Make your peace with whatever thing you are going to use if it is a seat or chair. Whichever you may choose, you can work your way into administering your choice and making it match with the overall design.

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  1. Cabinets and Drawers

When it comes to stuff various equipment, sheets or towel a cabinet or drawer is your best friend. They allow you to manage your space and display a style statement. You can install many accessories in your cabinets which are likely to manage your tool and give you a crazy experience.

Cozy Small Bathroom Ideas

  1. Flooring

You should design floors not according to the style statement or to show off, but keeping in account the constant water use. Water resistant or slip resistant floors should be a priority. Tiles which are durable, offer slip resistant and are sealed with grout should be used for your floor to stay a while.

The tips and guideline mentioned above will help you in designing your dream bathroom which is not only a necessity but also a style statement of your home.

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