Double Cleansing: The Secret to Beautiful Skin

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Double cleaning is a trend that’s taking the world by storm. Just take a quick peek at the internet. It’s everywhere…with good reason. You’ll be able to get gorgeous skin in just weeks when you carefully follow the double cleansing technique.

double cleansing
The glow of great skin can be yours.

What is Double Cleansing?

As you probably guessed from the name, this is a two-step cleansing process.

To begin with, you cleanse to begin the process of removing your makeup with a makeup remover. You must use a product labelled makeup remover to break the bond between your makeup and skin with this oil-based product. This includes removing long-wearing makeup, pollutants, and other impurities on top of the skin.

Next, you cleanse with a foaming cleanser. This will deeply clean your pores and remove dead skin cells and oils or impurities that can cause breakouts, redness, and inflammation.

double cleansing
Even pink skin tones look clearer with a double cleanse.

Where Did This Concept Originate?

Have you ever noticed that Korean women have perfect skin? They are fastidious about skin care and lay claim to the double cleanse method. In fact, Korean women have been using the double cleanse method for years before it was even a trend.

In addition to the double cleanse, Korean women use sheet masks 2 to 3 times per week. However, that’s the topic of a soon-to-come blog post.

double cleansing
Double cleanse for a smooth texture.

The Philosophy

I was recently walking past a department store beauty counter and heard the beauty advisor explaining skin care. Of course, she was teaching a lady the double cleanse method. Her advice was, “You wouldn’t take a shower without removing your outer layer–your clothes off first. So, why would you wash your face without first removing the outer layer–your makeup?”

Makes sense to me.

double cleansing
The double cleanse rids your skin of pollution and toxins.

Let Me Know

Please give the double cleanse method a try. Let me know in the comments how it worked for you. I’d love to hear!

double cleansing
Double cleansing…a miracle for your skin


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