Amazing Wall Mirror Ideas to Brighten Up Your Home

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Mirrors aren’t just designed to reflect your beauty, but also to add a decorative touch to your room. They are also the perfect solution to visually increase the space and to brighten up the area. Beyond their practical use as an aid for personal grooming, strategically adding mirrors to your bedroom, kitchen, or living room will add life and sparkle to otherwise overlooked areas.

Additionally, mirrors can be a great part of the overall vision for your home, which can bring the necessary amount of luxury and sophistication in the atmosphere around you. It all depends on your imagination!

Here, we share some of our favorite and amazing ways to use mirrors of all shapes, sizes and styles to showcase the beauty of various design schemes, from bedrooms to dining areas.

Round Mirror Ideas

Round mirrors can be used as a central focal point in rooms and make spaces feel more relaxed and inviting.

Round mirror idea
Golden shimmering rays on the wall (

The first one on our list is Vintage Style Sunburst Mirror. The charm of this mirror lies in its simple and elegant lines. It will certainly boost the atmosphere of your interior space.

The second one is this Gorgeous Flower Patterned Circular Wall Mirror.

Flower shaped mirror idea
Decorative Sunburst Mirror to brighten your room (

This sunflower shaped wall mirror definitely caches the eye. It is perfect for a feminine interior design.

The third one is Modern Accent Mirror.

Gold and rich wall mirror
Rich and modern style (

It’s a generously sized mirror that features a highly decorative shape, a stunning piece that looks beautiful on any wall. The frame is totally unique with the golden ornate carvings that circle the center mirror.

Wrought Iron 4-Ring Decorative Mirror – with its distinctive look and style it will clearly add a new look to the room

Elegant combination for mirror idea
Simple yet daring combination for your wall (

In like manner, Tessellated Style Decorative Mirror produces the unique and dramatic appearance. A great mirror for those who want a big style without a big price tag.

A glass tile framed mirror
A glass tile frame gives this mirror a dramatic look (

Square and Rectangular Mirror Ideas

On the other hand, if you want to go for a more traditional style, then square or rectangular framed mirrors are the right choice for you. Also, they are the most commonly available.

Rectangular Art Deco Style Decorative Mirror– simple, yet elegant. Moreover, it has got very interesting golden bras frame which pops out immediately. This is a fantastic mirror to add style to any room.

Glamorous mirror with golden bras
Glamorous mirror with golden bras geometrical frame (

Likewise, it is easy to glamorize your home by adding Contemporary Square Mirror. The decorative rectangular mirror frame make it look spectacular. Also, this mirror will definitely brighten and open up your space.

Glamorous wall mirror
Glamorous and spectacular wall mirror with interesting border (

On the other hand, this River Mirror stands out by its unique shape and natural beauty. Fascinating combination of wood used to highlight the flow of mirror. Each River Mirror can be hang up vertically or horizontally and it’s available in multiple styles and finishes.

River Mirror Idea
Unique wall mirror representing the river flow (

Small Decorative Mirror Lattice: If one mirror doesn’t satisfy your visual needs, then how about 72? This splendid and stunning masterpiece has enough visual interest to be used as wall art.

Small decorative wall mirror for great mirror ideas
Interesting mirror that can be used as a wall art (

Mirror Groupings on the Wall

But if you want to achieve more artistic look, you can opt for hanging a group of mirrors on the wall. They will give special charm to any space. No matter the size and the shape of the mirrors, when they are in group they all look beautiful together. Also, you can combine more mirrors on one wall, and that way you will make accent wall, which will be spotlight in your interior design.

So, the first on our list is this Empire Mirror, which found its inspiration in extravagant and vigorous Empire Collection. Each line is the result of extremely precise handmade technique. It will certainly make a grand and luxurious statement in any space.

Glamorous mirror
Exquisite and exceptional design of this Empire Mirror (

In like manner, the alluring pattern or the Single Silver Teardrop Panel Mirror adds shine to your home.

Teardrop mirror idea
Feminine touch with this Teardrop Panel Mirror (

Classy Wall Mirror is a beautiful piece to come for modern home decor ideas. Shattered mirrors on the wall will steal the spot light.

Modern wall mirror
Modern wall mirror to be in the center of attention (

If you are looking for more girly and feminine note, then Pretty Pink Hexagonal Mirror Cluster is the right choice for you. With its pink edges it looks lovely and modern.

Hexagonal mirrors
Hexagonal and pink pretty mirrors (

Small Sunburst Decorative Mirrors: A cluster of three small sunburst mirrors add a dash of whimsy to a wall. Sun and light go together and bring the fresh vintage charm.

Retro look
A set of three sunburst mirrors to create a retro look (

However, this Rustic Craftsman Style Mirror Panels give the sense of old fashioned appeal. It is like you are looking into four windows.

Rustic mirror
Old-fashioned rustic mirrors (source:

Different Shapes

For a more modern twist, mirror decoration ideas that incorporate interesting and different shapes will give your room a cleaner and more energetic vibe.

Lip Shaped Copper Tinted Mirror: Share kisses! This amazing copper tinted mirror is sealed with rose gold color. It would perfectly go for makeup vanity.

Lip shaped mirror
Lip shaped mirror for makeup vanity (

Likewise, this Katriina Nuutinen’s Perho Mirrors are inspired by the wings of a bird. Also, this elegant masterpiece adds the airy look to a wall. They are available in 5 vibrant shades.

Interesting mirror
Interesting wall mirror inspired by wings of a bird (

The last but not the least is the Heart Shaped Wall Mirror. This antique bronze heart shaped wooden mirror is a great piece for young adult room. Also, it is highly affordable.

Antique mirror
Antique heart shaped wall mirror (

To sum up, we have presented some of our favorite and modern ways to use mirrors of all shapes, sizes and styles to inspire the beauty of various design schemes. With this in mind, you will definitely find the perfect match for your room.

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