A Very Natural And Cozy Renovation

HomeDecorationA Very Natural And Cozy Renovation

A More Dressed Exterior

House exterior. A more dressed exterior.

White curtains cover the dining room as part of a renovation. The pots, from Arborètum.

The Lounge, Cozier

Dining room and lounge. The lounge, more cozy.

The light tones make the room a quieter and friendlier place. Cushions in the armchairs, in LA MAISON.

More Brightness

Living room. More brightness

The white color of the curtains of YUTE’S, an Alfil, and the mirror multiply the light and extend the room.

Living And Dining Room, Two In One

lounge and dining room in the background. Living and dining room, two in one.

By dressing more the room, dining room and seeming one.

A Friendlier Dining Room

Dinning room. A friendlier dining room.

The sifted light that lets through the curtains of YUTE’S, made by Alfil give the room a more relaxed look after the renovation.

The Office Also Dresses

Office, island breakfast bar. The office also dresses.

Before it looked empty, cold. We have dressed it with white tablecloths and curtains, which contrast with the wall.

Fresh Cooking

Office and kitchen. Fresh cooking

Its new green wall color, relaxing and refreshing, highlights the rustic style of the house. It’s from BURGER.

Unifying Styles

Office chair detail. Unifying styles

In the office, these chairs, in TEAK – KAYU, coordinate with the rest of the kitchen furniture.

Little Gifts!

Kitchen countertop detail. Little gifts!

In the kitchen, on the countertop, the kettle is from the BSH group.

Dreaming Of The Sky

Bedroom. Dreaming of the sky.

In Manuela’s bedroom, we have managed to touch the sky, giving the room a warm, harmonious and dreamy touch. The oak chest of drawers is from NF ASIAN. The walls renovated with BRUGUER paint.

The Bedroom Of Your Dreams

Bedroom, full view of the bed. The bedroom of your dreams.

We achieve a very cozy atmosphere with the renovation of color blue, the bedding, and the fluffy pillows.

The Exterior Of Before

House exterior (before). The exterior of before.

There was room to dress it and give it a familiar and personal touch in the renovation. Before, it was too austere.

Too Many Mixtures

Dining room and lounge, without library (before). Too many mixtures.

Before, the living room had too many prints: the sofa, the curtains, and the cushions each went by their side. Our stylist unified it.

An Area Of ​​Being Incomplete

living room. An area of ​​being incomplete.

The living room of Manuela, before our arrival, did not have an ideal distribution. Our stylist solved it by incorporating 2 more armchairs into the living room, attaching the sofa to the wall. He got a more closed and cozy space.

A Kitchen In Yellow

office, breakfast island (before). A kitchen in yellow.

Manuela’s kitchen, before being redecorated, was dressed in a bright yellow color. The new color in green has appeased the space.

The Bedroom, Before

Bedroom (before). The bedroom, before.

Manuela’s bedroom, very bright, was a perfect base for redecoration. The canopy of the bed is a piece of extraordinary beauty.

The Reader And The Stylist, Sharing Ideas

Owner and decorator portrait. The reader and the stylist, sharing ideas.

Reader Manuela Maroto with our stylist Marek Stacho in the renovated lounge of her house.

In Full Change

Carpet detail. In full change.

To dress the dining room, our stylist placed a carpet of Gra.

Dress The Windows

Curtain detail Dress the windows.

YUTE’S white curtains, custom made by Alfil.


Cushions detail. Striped.

Cushions, in LA MAISON. They have been chosen to match the paint.

The house is magnificent, with bright spaces and a splendid exterior. But, as Manuela points out, “I had not had time to decorate it completely to my liking.” Immediately we saw that great transformations were not necessary; a few changes were enough to achieve a simpler and more natural air. We took over the project enthusiastically with the great starting point offered by the house.

In the living room, the basic thing was a change in the position of the sofas: one of them stood next to the wall, and the other kept looking towards the garden. Two low-backed armchairs now delimit the living area and the dining room, ensuring continuity of space and further reinforcing the feeling of spaciousness.

In the dining room, the proposal was limited to the change of a single piece of furniture, with a spectacular result: the dark wooden showcase was replaced by a large glazed cupboard, with a lot of capacity, which dresses the dining room generously and splendidly.

The biggest change came in the kitchen. “Look,” explains Marek, “I would never have chosen that color to paint the kitchen walls, but now when I look at them, I realize that it has been a success.”

The color of which he speaks is an olive green with an exceptional finish that perfectly envelops existing solid and modern furniture. It is a very different tone from yellow and, being darker, softens the light that enters through the large windows.

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