8 ways to create vintage decor with antiques

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My mother likes antiques a lot . We always lugged his old furniture from one apartment to another. He had to find a home as a result of his old cooler, his old dresser and his room set , which came from his great-grandmother.

Therefore, I also love these little wonders full of life, charm and style! In my opinion, antiques have a soul and they deserve a place of choice in our decorations.

Even if an old loveseat has stayed in the basement, it has multiple marks of old age and has become undesirable, we must notice its structure and finesse of yesteryear to revive.

Here are 8 ways to integrate antiques into its decor, to add a vintage wink that has absolutely nothing old game! A treasure hunt is needed?

1. Photo souvenir mural

Mural old family photo

Choosing an old childhood photo or representing a memory attached to the family and make a mural will always have a great impact! The black and white will bring a certain nuance to the decor and you will live all the emotion of the time.

2. Renewed lockers

Antique lockers in vintage pink

Putting your hands on old lockers and repainting them with a radiant color can soften their rigid character, as well as bring a vivifying aspect to the room!

3. Nostalgic chair

Vintage wicker chair

I could not deny that my little knee dropped when I saw this picture! I myself have a chair identical to this one, which is an inheritance of my grandmother. She sticks to my ass since my CEGEP and she will always find a place in my house! Good, because its shape and vintage look are 100% “in”.

4. Rescue side table

Antique repainted table

The restoration of this side table is really successful! The addition of the grooved door heart (braided fiber) gives it a natural side. This chic treatment is supported by the crystal handle, which makes it even more feminine.

5. Furniture that makes you talk


My love for these little pieces of furniture that sat in all the houses of the 50s and 60s came late! At first glance, I did not quite understand their usefulness, I had 0 emotion in seeing them. It is their smallness and singularity that led me to appreciate them at their true value. All in all, this piece of furniture can be very useful in a vestibule.

6. Hairy pouf

Fur coat pouf

Who said that antiques were just furniture? At another time, we loved to roll on the beds filled with the guests’ fur coats at Christmas! If you get your hands on one of these old hairy specimens, take the opportunity to cover an ottoman or a small stool to add a warm look to your room.

7. 100% Vintage

Vintage decor

I find the mix of vintage items in this eclectic decor very successful! Whether we are talking about textures, colors or proportions; everything is in balance.

8. Jars and handles collected

Jars and viells handles

All flea markets have a section reserved for door knobs and handles. Make a raid and use them to beautify and personalize your jars of ingredients or makeup items. I would not be embarrassed to offer it as a hostess gift!

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