7 Easy Tips on How to Keep Your Bathroom Area Organized

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The bathroom is a common area at every home. Many people in the house access it especially if you do not have separate bathrooms for the kids and other family members. The result? Too much disorganization every morning. In this article, we look at a few quick tips that will help you keep this vital area looking near-perfect. Our tips do not need any additional organizational items and thus will save on cost and you need not break your bank account.

Out With the Clutter

7 easy tips on how to keep your bathroom area organized

Getting rid of all the unnecessary items from your bathroom is the first step. You might have not noticed this yet but there are several items that are not of use. For example, old or spare toothbrushes, extra combs, and extra laundry bins.

This crucial step is referred to as decluttering. It creates space and allows you to retain important items only. Old and unusable items are piled up in the room. If they do not belong there, could be transferred to their specific locations. Dirty laundry should stay in the laundry area. Always remind your children of the same as well.

Add Some Hanging Hooks

7 easy tips on how to keep your bathroom area organized

Hanging items in the bathroom are easy of reducing pile-ups and removing items from the floor. Towels look more organized when hanging on hooks. Bathing towels and bathrobes should also be placed on hooks.

Choose hooks that blend perfectly with your interiors. This will add to the overall appeal of the bathroom and its organization. Hanging items on hooks allow them to dry more quickly and efficiently. Bathrooms are wet areas and the moisture in the room can create a moist environment which is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Make Use of the Fitted Cabinets

7 easy tips on how to keep your bathroom area organized

Storage cabinets go a long way in ensuring that no small items lying around the surfaces. Store all the small items in the cabinets fitted into the walls of the room to remove as much clutter as possible from the surfaces.

Cabinets are perfect storage areas for cosmetics and medicine or drugs in the house. As a plus, they keep medicine out of reach for the children. Lock delicate items inside and keep the key in a safe place.

Clear the Surfaces

7 easy tips on how to keep your bathroom area organized

Modern bathrooms come with multiple surfaces that you can use for many purposes. Sink areas should only have toothpaste dispensers and toothbrush holders. Use as minimal space if you really have to place items on the surfaces in the room. Look for sizable trays that will help you stack up items that cannot fit in the drawers or cabinets.

The trays should not be too big to fill up the sink area and not too small to not fit the items. Clear surfaces are easy to clean and you can spot a stain from a mile away.

Place a Waste Bin

7 easy tips on how to keep your bathroom area organized

Most people tend to leave waste material, empty tubes and worn out brushes or used bath-soap on the sink area or the counter-tops in the bathroom. Placing a waste bin in an appropriate location helps you achieve a clean, mess-free bathroom.

You can place the bin under the sink or any other appropriate area. Ensure that it does not cause any obstructions and cannot be easily toppled over. Lining the waste bin will help you empty trash easily and washing the bin does not have to be an uphill task at the end of the day.

Use Labels

It sounds absurd that we suggest adding labels in the bathroom. Well, it is not. Labeling helps you find items easily and keeps the area organized. Label the medicine cabinet, the toiletries cabinet, the grooming cabinet and so on. Labels help you place the items back in the right places. They are very essential in homes that have children. Choose cute labels that are legible and blend out perfectly with your décor. The material used for the labels should be waterproof as they can easily be damaged by the moisture in the bathroom.

Add a Laundry Basket

7 easy tips on how to keep your bathroom area organizedLaundry baskets or laundry bins are great alternatives to store wet or dirty towels temporarily before you move them to the laundry area. Having a separate bin for towels helps you sort out laundry much easier. Have laundry bins in the bedrooms for personal clothes and extras in the bathrooms. The bins are an easier way to move dirty towels into the laundry area.

Organizing your bathroom is one of the first steps to achieving a spa-like appeal in your home. This process does not have to be complicated and will cost you very little. Our tips capitalize on working with what you already have at home. These small changes will go a long way in making a huge difference in the bathroom.

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