6 Sneaky Tricks to Cut Back and Lose Weight

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When you want to lose weight, you want it now! Whether you have a special event on your calendar or just can’t squeeze into your best blue jeans, you need to drop weight fast. While there’s no magic bullet to make you instantly transform to a whole new you, there are some things you can do to get on track faster. Take a look at these 6 sneaky ways to cut back and lose weight.

lose weight
Wish your blue jeans looked like this?


Swap Soda for Water

Even if you’re drinking diet soda, this works! Your body requires water to run efficiently. Of course, this includes your digestive tract. Keeping yourself hydrated will help to quickly start to flush away the fat cells. Diet soda just doesn’t cut it.

Switch to Lettuce Wraps

Skipping carb-filled sandwiches doesn’t mean you can’t dine with your family and friends. Simply substitute bread for lettuce wraps and lose the empty carbs. You’ll still enjoy the sandwich fillings but in a much healthier way.

lose weight
Ditch the bread for quicker weight loss.

Pack Healthy Snacks

Don’t be tempted by your favorite crispy fried snack. Pack healthy snacks at home to take with you. Because you’ll have healthy carrots, fruits, and cucumber slices with you, you’ll be equipped to resist the temptation.

lose weight
Healthy snacks are yummy!

Don’t Pass the Salt

Replace salt with fresh or dried herbs. You’ll stop retaining water and have a flatter looking tummy rather quickly.

Get More Active

Take an evening walk, park farther from your office, and take the stairs instead of the elevator. Anything you can do to increase the number of steps you take each day will burn calories.

Install a Fitness App

Install a fitness app on your phone. It can track all those extra steps and show you how many calories you’ve burnt. This can help keep you motivated to do more day after day.

Weigh Back In With Us!

lose weight
Please “weigh in” with us!

Please let us know how you do when you make these small changes. We know you’ll be working hard to lose weight. Please feel free to “weigh in” with us in the comments.

lose weight
Learn 6 tricks to help you lose weight.

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