5 Essential Houses That Are Small, Beautiful And Full Of Ideas

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With a well thought out decoration and some small tricks, living in a few meters is synonymous with living happily in your small house.

We present you 5 small and well-decorated houses: with ideas and resources that have made them look spacious and with practical and comfortable interiors.

Living room with sideboard with display case, sofa and coffee table. A fisherman's house

A Fisherman’s House

When it was found by its owners, this house was an old fisherman’s house that was badly damaged. However, they did not lose hope and managed to turn this house into a refuge with perfect taste. Thus, the old porch was closed, transforming it into a dining room and large square openings were opened in the partitions, creating several rooms in one.

The couple's bedroom

The Couple’s Bedroom

The bedrooms had a false ceiling that concealed a large space from other times, not so distant. The fact is that it was exposed and the connection was made with the lower height through a staircase with cantilevered steps. In addition, to make the most of the space under the staircase, a custom-made white lacquered wardrobe was made.

A bucolic garden in front of the house

A Bucolic Garden

Outside, which already had old trees like the fantastic rosewood, they installed a metal frame where the ivy and other climbing plants spread. Practically hidden among the bougainvillea and with a large tree, this dining room in the garden is sheltered, creating an intimate space for the family.

Reforms to gain meters in your house

Reforms To Gain Meters

Thanks to the interior designer Lourdes Alba, from Estudi Metro this 95 m2 apartment now looks much bigger and brighter. Partitions were thrown, creating more unified areas, the walls were painted in cappuccino brown, and genuine architectural elements such as beams, vaults and old carpentry were rescued.

with everything at your fingertips. Open kitchen in the house

Open Kitchen

The living room and the kitchen occupy a unique and open space. A single front and an island with a breakfast bar make up this practical kitchen. Kvik furniture, Silestone countertop and Hansgrohe taps. Do you like this house?

Living room with tapestry of almond branch. A city flat

A City Flat

Thanks to the interior designer Marta Prats, this small apartment of 60 m2 won in meters. Now it seems a much more open and bright floor enhanced with furniture in light colors. “As the meters are what they are, the feeling of spaciousness is achieved by moving some partitions, moving doors and creating furniture to measure very studied.”

Dining room kitchen in white and cream tones. In the kitchen

In The Kitchen

The kitchen is equally functional: “Of clear colors and with rustic details, like the metal handles or the doors and the bell with slats, it is urban and rustic at the same time.” On the Silestone countertop, cutting boards and Carolina Blue pot. On the shelf, poster of a Natural House.

a little house with a garden in the city. A little house with a garden in the city

A Little House With A Garden In The City

This house in the Sarrià district of Barcelona with an interior patio and garden has been renovated to avoid the “tube effect.” Thus, thanks to the use of glass and sliding doors, the 60m2 of each floor has increased considerably. Who would say they are in the middle of the city!

 Living room with exterior exit in the house

Living Room With Exterior Exit

Totally overturned to the patio garden through folding doors from wall to wall. The white curtains give privacy without losing clarity.

a reform that has gained meters OK. A reform that has multiplied the meters

A Reform That Has Multiplied The Meters

Although it only has 70 m2, in this house space has been profitable in such a way that they seem to have doubled. For example, where before there was a terrace, now, thanks to an enclosure, there is the living room and the kitchen, which also houses the dining room, is completely open.

Double height youth bedroom in the house

Double Height Youth Bedroom

The trundle bed, close to the wall so as not to subtract meters, serves as a sofa during the day. The nightstand is from Sleeping Company. In addition, the bedroom has been used with a large wardrobe as it seems to merge with the wall. And, in front, a bank that is very practical as a shoehorn.

These are some of the fundamental ideas of the houses that we have shown you:

  • If you can, remove partitions: thus the visual amplitude is enlarged, and you can separate environments through furniture or fabrics.
  • The key is a good distribution: think it over and try it before installing the definitive decoration in your house.
  • Allows circulation: that is fluid, to avoid the feeling of overwhelming.
  • A lot of glass: let the light enter every corner of your house.
  • Sliding doors: ideal for opening or closing spaces according to your convenience.

Surely you can apply some of them in your house. And if you want more ideas to expand it, take note of the tips collected in the following articles.

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