25 Fabulous Tips To Get The Curtains Right

HomeDecoration25 Fabulous Tips To Get The Curtains Right

With the help of this guide, you can decorate the windows of your house with curtains without risk of being wrong. Do not forget about …

Window Shape

The type of window, as well as the orientation of the room, are determining factors when choosing curtains. Keep the ratio between the amount of fabric you use and the length of the window and think about how much sun and clarity comes in: do you need thick or rather transparent curtains?

Living room curtains Calculate the fabric meters wellCalculate The Fabric Meters Well

Calculator in hand, make the accounts of the meters of fabric you need for your curtains: add 30 cm to the width of the window and then multiply the result by 2, 2.5 or 3, as you want a curtain with more or fewer gatherings.

Dining room with long curtains. What is the ideal length?What Is The Ideal Length?

In terms of lengths, there are many trends. The most common is to add about 15 cm to the length of the window. However, if you like the curtains to drag as we do, add 10cm more: so they will rest on the floor. You know that in El Mueble we like them like this …

Detail curtains with a lot of fall. A beautiful fall!

A Beautiful Fall!

To achieve curtains with a nice fall, opt for “heavy” fabrics, such as thick linens, wild silks or chenille. If you want to use fresh fabrics, choose canvas, cotton burlap or silk linens.

Rustic dining room with exposed beamed ceiling. For practical families: blinds!

For Practical Families: Blinds!

If the window does not allow large draperies and you want a practical and light solution, the blinds will be your best allies. You can put them foldable (with rods), packet (without rods) or Roman (with draping) like those in this dining room, in which they help to enhance the rusticity of the room.

Living room in green tones with large window with curtains, sofa, fireplace and fiber basket_402344. Gain light with the curtains

Gain Light With The Curtains

To gain natural light use sheer curtain fabric to make the curtains. Its fabrics, vaporous and light (thread, voile, open weave linen …), are perfect for letting in all the sunlight.

Dining room in beige tones. Dare to combine!

Dare To Combine!

Large windows, balcony doors, and bedroom windows are the best spaces to use combinations: curtains with blinds (the most classic option), or falls with blinds (most current). Think that the more views a window has, the more prominence you will give it and the views.

bedroom. Alzapaños: useful and practical

Curtin Holders: Useful And Practical

These are small pieces of wood or metal that, placed a third of the curtain, create an elegant draping effect perfect for picking up the curtains. They will always bring a classic and romantic touch.

Bedroom with headboard. Clamps: a charming complement

Clamps: A Charming Compliment

In double curtain windows, curtains lined with table cloth or combinations of fall and curtain, resort to the clamps (strips or cords that hold the curtain): they are ideal to collect the fabric and create striking cash, which highlights the windows.

dinning room. Tassels, pendants and trawls

Tassels, Pendants And Trawls

The clamps and cords will be very well topped with tassels, decorated with trimmings or with a wooden pendant. To run curtains hanging from rings, opt for metal or wood trawls.

furniture-curtains-00460849. When to use galleries and bandos

When To Use Galleries And Sides

If you choose double curtains or combine them with others that are hanging on rails, it is advisable to cover the mechanism with a gallery (wooden and upholstered) or a side (made with fabric): it gives a more finished and also more classic look.

Curtains bedroom fireplace. Finishes to create atmosphere

Finishes To Create Atmosphere

If you hang the curtains of a bar, the decorative finishes will help you create the atmosphere you are looking for: the loops are casual; the ties, romantic; the rope rings provide a rustic touch …

Living room curtains How do I hang the curtains?

How Do I Hang The Curtains?

There are two basic systems to hang the curtains. Bars are the simplest option and are accompanied by rings or loops. The rails allow the curtain to be handled more easily, although they are less aesthetic.

furniture-curtains-00455328. Choose bars with auctions

Choose Bars With Auctions

You can customize a wooden, brass or forge bar by adding decorative finishes to its ends. Consider the style of the room and choose them accordingly: this way you will achieve a more harmonious ensemble.

Living room with very thin curtains. Tensioners: an easy solution

Tensioners: An Easy Solution

An effective and discreet option for small curtains or more informal air stays are the tensioners. It is a steel cable that hangs clamps that hold the curtain. Only suitable for light fabrics.

kitchen-bar-el-furniture-00465239 O. Curtains for the bathroom and the kitchen

Curtains For The Bathroom And Kitchen

These rooms require fabrics suffered and resistant to moisture, steam and smoke. Opt for blinds or half-window curtains, in cotton or canvas thread, plain or with small decorative motifs.

lounge, panoramic. Tricks to wrap the room

Tricks To Wrap The Room

The living room must be a cozy and harmonious space. If it is large, choose to combine curtains and blinds; if small, choose blinds because they “steal” less space than curtains; and if it is dark, opt for dry curtains.

Main bedroom. Very relaxing bedrooms

Very Relaxing Bedrooms

To get serene bedrooms and maintain the privacy of the room, you can combine thick curtains with very light curtains. So you will have light during the day and darkness closed during the night.

Children's bedroom in white and pink. And the kids?

And The Kids?

The preferred choices for the little ones are fresh cotton fabrics, in bright colors or with children’s motifs. Choose blinds or soft falls, which have a lighter effect and do not abuse the curtains.

Living room with raspberry curtains. Very resistant fabrics

Very Resistant Fabrics

When purchasing the curtain fabric, check its composition and verify that it is “antipilling” (which does not make balls) and that it carries some kind of fire retardant treatment (so that it does not burn in case of fire). Make sure you also choose solid colors.

curtain-stamped-the-furniture-00457368. Smooth or patterned?

Smooth Or Patterned?

Printed curtains encourage large rooms, provided that the drawing is proportionate to the space (the print must be correctly appreciated). Smooth curtains are ideal for small rooms because they do not stun the view.

Bedroom with mirror at the entrance and gray blinds. For small spaces ...

For Small Spaces …

The safest bet for small rooms is to dress the windows with blinds or curtains and choose light or semi-transparent fabrics. In addition, if you opt for a tone equal to that of the wall, you will gain a sense of space.

White and gray curtains_426470. Softens the sun's entry

Softens The Sun’s Entry

In rooms with a lot of natural light, it is best to choose curtains and double curtains, thick fabrics or overcoats. You can also opt for roller blinds of screen fabric or sunscreen.

curtains-the-furniture-00466879 O. For rooms with low light

For Rooms With Low Light

The solution for rooms lacking light are the curtains made of sheer curtain fabric: steamy muslin, voiles, organza … And better in white, it expands the clarity; In yellow tones, creates sunlight effect.

furniture-curtains-00466796. Hit with the color palette

Hit With Color Palate

The tone you choose for the wall, as well as the upholstery fabrics, cushions or screens, will mark the predominant range and the ideal shade for the curtains. If you doubt and do not know what to choose, opt for neutral colors: they never fail.

The type of window, as well as the orientation of the room, are determining factors when choosing curtains. It is also important to take into account the light we need in that room, as well as the degree of privacy we want. The curtains help to dress any room, that’s why it is so important that you dedicate time to your choice.

Choose (and hit) the ideal curtains for your home

And don’t forget this trick: if you want to visually “enlarge” a window, hang a bar that stands out about 30cm on each side and use enough cloth to cover that space when the curtains are open. It will appear that your window is 60cm wider!

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