15 Ideas To Change Your Home In A Weekend

HomeDecoration15 Ideas To Change Your Home In A Weekend

A New Color

Living room. A new color

The living room of your home repainted in gray and blue tones, in combination with the curtains, looks much more current.

With Wallpaper

Office With wallpaper.

This dining room has been renovated with pink flower paper on the wall and blinds. The ceiling has been painted white to gain breadth.

Practical And Decorative

Child's bedroom. Practical and decorative.

This socket has been installed to protect the wall of this room. In beige, increases the brightness of the room.

A Touch Of Style

Lounge with armchairs and shelving. A touch of style.

The moldings reinforce the elegance of the seating area.

Renew A Piece Of Furniture

Closet. Renew a piece of furniture.

The wall cabinet, when repainted in a light tone, gains in luminosity. The textiles that have been incorporated into the doors make it more romantic and warm.

Change The Faucet

Handwash. Change the faucet.

The taps, curvilinear, softens and gives a more personal touch to the sink.

Small Touch Of Elegance

Door. Small touch of elegance.

The doorknob, hexagonal and in gold, sophists a point this atmosphere in white.

More Dress

Bedroom. More dress

The fabrics in this closet dress and decorate the room, giving color to the base white.

Matching Fabrics

White lounge Matching fabrics.

The covers of the sofas in white calm the room. The armchairs upholstered in grayish play with the cushions in the same tones, although in different textures and give the lounge a chic touch.

A New Lamp

Dining room with kitchen. A new lamp

The chandelier lamp puts the icing on this dining room with rococo references.

Decorate With Pictures

Sofa with pictures. Decorate with pictures.

A composition of paintings on the bench decorates this corner. The unit in the composition lies in the dark photo frames that combine with the furniture.

New Curtains

Contratoma bedroom with armchair. New curtains

The great floral motifs of the curtains of this room are the protagonists of the room. In order not to create conflicts, the rest of the fabrics in the room are plain.

Your Reading Corner

Hall. Your reading corner.

With just an armchair and a box as a low table, you get a nice reading corner.

New Airs In The Kitchen

Kitchen. New airs in the kitchen.

Textiles and part of the glassware, now renewed in lilac, brighten up the kitchen again. The plant, with a lilac pot too, gives it the natural touch it needed.

Do you have a free weekend ahead? Do you want a radical change at home without major works or large budgets? We give you 15 easy ideas of fantastic results. Choose the ideas that best suit your tastes … and enjoy a new home!

Repaint Your Home

Painting is always a good resource to change the look of a room. If you do not want a great transformation that also involves renewing textiles, opt for a paint color in the same range as you already have. In this case, to reinforce the change, use a decorative painting technique (watery, spongy) or dare to paint one of the walls in a cheerful and darker color to the rest of the room.

if you paint the window wall more intensely, the color of that wall will seem less radical, but it will differentiate the room and enhance the exterior.

Decorate With Wallpaper

Whether to highlight a wall – it’s fashionable! – or for a whole room, wallpaper is a perfect resource for a total change. It is easy to install, offers a thousand and one designs, if you choose vinyl it can be washed without problems and also hides the imperfections of the wall.

Install A Wooden Socket

Decorate, protect and isolate. A plinth is a practical and decorative resource to dress the walls of any room. If you have children, it is the perfect resource, since the walls become, in many cases, improvised canvases for your creations.

If you want to encourage their creativity, you can install a painted slate base, and freeway! You can also paint it the same color of the furniture so that it integrates into the decoration or with colored magnetic paint to hang your best drawings.

Install Ceiling Moldings

In addition to decorative, the moldings allow you to modify the perception of a room: balance its proportions, “lower” a ceiling too high, reinforce its classic style …

Give A New Life To A Piece Of Furniture

Do not discard a piece of furniture for its finish, since it is enough to paint it, lacquer it or decap it so that it becomes a radically new piece. Light colors are a safe bet: they not only lighten the piece, but they integrate more easily into the decoration.

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