10 Wonderful Shelf Ideas Great For Tiny Bathrooms!

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Do you always lack space? Do you go into your bathroom and find yourself with a trail of creams, beauty products, etc? It is possible that your bathroom suffers a very common malady: lack of storage space for a bathroom shelf.

In particular, in small houses or apartments, it is difficult to have a place for all our belongings and it turns out that the bathroom is of these spaces that we use all the time and where we accumulate from towels to all the necessary equipment for a beauty routine through dryers or other electronic gadgets.

One of the simplest ways to solve this problem, without spending a lot and that can be adapted to any space, is installing shelves. In housence, we bring you 10 ideas of where you can place them to get better results.

1. From floor to ceiling

Often in small spaces, we go for furniture that stretches horizontally, that makes us lose valuable centimeters. In small bathrooms, it is important to know how to use the walls to place new storage places and thus have spaces to store our things.

If you also place a mirror behind your bathroom shelf you will have an immediate size increase effect. Whether you use your shelf to store your personal items or add a natural touch with pots.

To achieve this effect you can animate the DIY and look for assembling the shelves yourself, find a piece of furniture with the exact measurements that correspond to your bathroom or commission the work to a carpenter.

2. Niches: shelves with tile that combines

10 wonderful shelf ideas great for tiny bathrooms!

For a greater coordination effect, use the same tile in your shower and on your bathroom shelf, in addition to ensuring the visual effect, the tile is easy to clean and very resistant.

3. On the side of the bathroom

It often happens that we forget the area on the side of the toilet. We discard it but it has a lot of potentials when it comes to installing a bathroom shelf that gives you a little more storage space. We really like this proposal that blends with the wood of the wall. Choosing wood always brings warmth to a house.

4. Minimalist furniture shelves

You can use your shelves to add a touch of color to your minimalist bathroom. Remember that the objects that you put in view when the shelves are opened, will become an immediate part of the decoration. In this case, space is used to show some art, have a dispenser and flowers insight and maybe it is a good place to place books and magazines.

5. Optimize the space under the sink

If you find yourself in a home that simply comes with the sink with nothing underneath, it’s time to take advantage of this space! A simple white cabinet with drawers of different heights can make all the difference in your beauty ritual. Try to have a drawer at least to place the smaller objects and perhaps an open bathroom shelf to put your towels there and have them on hand when necessary.

Always consider that if they are furniture that goes inside the bathroom must have a material or varnish that allows them to resist moisture. In the same way, it suits you to be lifted off the floor so that you can mop without problems under them.

6. Integral concept

If you are about to renovate your bathroom or you are changing your home you can think of an integral concept that uses the same type of wood for cabinets under the sink and shelves on the wall. The result is harmonious. The final style is elegant and modern as well as practical.

To achieve a result with these finishes it is best to consult a professional, whether an architect for a major renovation or a carpenter if it is only about the manufacture of wooden furniture. With either, it is best to get with them already with an idea in mind and a budget of what you want to spend. The professional will guide you regarding the best materials for this work and the organization of the space.

7. Behind the door

One of the most forgotten spaces in any room is behind the door! Although you do not believe it, we usually forget this piece of the wall completely because it is out of sight. However, for the bathroom, it is an ideal space to create a built-in wall shelf.

Take advantage and create a series of spacious shelves that take advantage of the entire height of the wall and where you can have all the beauty products on hand, separated and ordered so that they can be found easily.

8. Integrated as part of the mirror

You can install a small bathroom shelf as part of the side mirrors and even use it to hide the contacts you need for appliances such as shaver or dryer.

9. Small shelves on one side of the sink

10 wonderful shelf ideas great for tiny bathrooms!

The size of the shelves will depend on the objects you keep and to ensure that you combine with the rest of the bathroom you can use the same material, in this case, wood.

10. About the bathroom and inside the shower

10 wonderful shelf ideas great for tiny bathrooms!

Use all vertical spaces both above the bathroom and inside the shower to ensure numerous storage spaces.

The amount of proposals for shelves in the shower is endless. In this case, we see a solution based on a sequence of really delicate wood and marble supports. This type of minimal structure is, without doubt, a way to have personal hygiene products at hand and to beautify the bathroom.

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